You may think that your best friend is safe,
but he is actually overheating.
We'll let you know before it gets dangerous.

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Every year, hundreds of dogs are hurt and even die by being left in hot cars. Calidi is a smart dog tag which track the ambient temperature within your car and alerts you when it becomes dangerous.

Don't underestimate the heat

Even though every dog owner loves his dog, we tend to underestimate how fast a car can heat up in the sun. In some cases, it might only take as little as six minutes for your dog to take serious harm or even to die.

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Why calidi

calidi offers a wide variety of comfort and security mechanisms to keep you and your pet safe.

Heat and Cold Protection

We will let you know before it becomes dangerous for your dog. If you don't react, calidi contacts friends and family or even deploys an emergency call if necessary.

Check-Up on Demand

You wonder how your dog is doing and where he is? No problem! With the calidi smartphone app, you can easily check your dog's status and current location at any time.

Easy Installation

First, add the calidi Sensor via Bluetooth to your the calidi Smartphone App. Second, attach the sensor to your dogs collar. Done! It's as easy as that.

"We support the project and like it very much, but we would wish that it is extended to all kinds of beings."

Jan Saurer, Press Representative of the Fire Department Munich (Germany)

Meet the Team

Kevin Just

Product Engineer, Dog Owner

Heather Tooill

Operations Lead, Dog Owner

Sina Springer

Business Development, Dog Lover

Jakob Gromer

Product Engineer, Dog Owner

Corvin Deboeser

UX Designer, Dog Lover

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