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inga We bring indoor agriculture into cities


What is inga?

With inga we bring indoor agriculture directly to the customers by providing individualized indoor farms based on hydroponics.

inga uses a hydroponic system to grow plants!

the sun

#horticulture lights

inga’s horticulture lights boost the plants’ growth. Horticulture lights stimulate the absorption spectrum of chlorophyll. This makes the plant grow up two times as fast a with conventional conditions.

the watering

#nutrient flow system

inga’s nutrient flow system (NFT) ensures the optimum hydration of plant’s roots, so they consume only as much water as needed. The water contains natural nutrients that are added every 4 weeks.

The revolution of the organic-food supply chain!

Save Costs

Cut out intermediaries and food logistics to get fresh, organic greens by growing them on site!

Ultimate Freshness

Grow and harvest plants directly where you harvest them. This is the ultimate freshness!

Act Responsible

Hydroponics consume only 5% of water compared to conventional agriculture. By using inga you help to save water.

Reduce Delivery Miles

By growing greens and herbs on site delivery miles for organic food are eliminated, enabling regional and sustainable food at the same moment.

The team





















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