predicting the health of transport infrastructure

What is premain?

We make escalators run. When escalators break down it can take days until someone knows about it and months until someone is notified. While this merely represents a nuisance for many, it can completely cut off mobility for elderly or disabled people.

We strive to predict failures before they happen and therefore reduce escalator downtime by up to 70% and maintenance cost by 30%.



Constant condition monitoring and warning system

In order to achieve this, we use our specifically designed sensor and advanced machine learning algorithms to detect failures within the escalator and notify staff in advance about potential problems.

We utilize vibration, structure-borne sound sensors, sound and digital machine data and combine it in order to determine early signals of machine defects. As soon as we detect these, we notify maintenance personell in realtime and update them on the situation.

Increased Customer Satisfaction
Reduced maintenance cost
Less maintenance complexity


What they say about premain

  • “[…]Daher sind wir sehr interessiert und freuen uns darauf, bald mehr über das Projekt der TUM zu erfahren und sind für potentielle Zusammenarbeit offen. […]“

    Technical Building Management of large Bavarian Airport


  • „Frühwarnsysteme für Rolltreppen sehe ich als sehr sinnvoll an. Wartungskosten stellen einen hohen Kostenfaktor dar und es dauert verhältnismäßig lange, Störstellen nach Ausfällen wieder zu beseitigen.“

    Technical Management of a Munich shopping mall




Nicolas Blum, Marius Jürgensen, Cara Kolb, Hai Nguyen Mau, Sebastian Wegscheider