Prevent injuries through EMG data analytics

Measure muscle fatigue in real-time

Many injuries in professional sports are caused by fatigued muscles.

Coaches are doing their best in planning their athletes’ training programs in order to prevent serious injuries and bring their performance to a maximum.

Still, there is no solution to tell coaches directly that a muscle is fatigued.

That’s why we developed myotec

Test muscle activity and status

Speed up the rehabilitation process

Our Mission Enabling coaches and athletic trainers worldwide to leverage their training. Our service allows to base training control on measurable insights instead of subjective rationing.

How it works We use EMG-Technology to measure muscle activity.  To filter noise and interpret the signal of a dynamic movement, we are using Machine Learning. We create smart software that can differentiate between a muscle with a fatigued and non-fatigued signal.



Measure electrical activity of muscles via Electromyography (EMG) using our sensor technology



Get real-time feedback on muscle fatigue status by our software that keeps getting smarter every time you use it



Benefits for Coaches Our solution will revolutionize training control – improving performance while reducing injury risk

Direct measurement Detect and analyze muscular activity by using the EMG technology.

Real-time feedback Provide coaches and athletes immediate feedback on muscular status and activity.

Weakspot detection Find the muscles that fatigue first and detect imbalances to adjust individual training sessions

The Team


Nergis Birlikseven

Sport & Exercise Science
Industrial Design

Camilo Teloza

Industrial Design
Computer Science

Jorge Jiménez

Computer Science

Daniel Müllerklein

Management & Technology

Get in touch If you have any questions or are curios about our technology, please reach out to us.

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