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Get the best out of your meeting.

The Challenges

Out of an extensive research on productivity studies, interviews and personal experiences: we have identified 3 main problems

  1. High concentration of report‘s responsible: write understandable texts, keep track of discussion and collect ideas before they going missing
  2. Lack of transparency in the resulting document: information is hard to find and understand in the reports
  3. Keeping the participants engaged during the meeting and loosing focus.


Our Solution – The Meetify Set

  • No need to type in your report anymoreUse speech-to-text translation!
    with our innovative System you can protocol all your meetings as easy as never before, no more ‘Who does teh clerk today?’ or missing out on important informations. It’s all there, fully automated protocolling and task assignment.

  • Get a high-quality report on spot! 
    we provide you with our highly standardised templates for transparent and legibly reports. Don’t worry about editing them, we do it for you and save you up to 40 minutes on average.

  • Steer the wheel or your meeting in the right direction with live feedbackbe productive!
    And we are not done yet! Our standalone device enables you to give live feedback in your meetings for every attendee without interrupting the conversations. This brings your workflow to a whole new level and makes your meetings productive again.


The Team


How it works

please feel free to check out our video and see our main features in action! 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.


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