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Bringing the gait assistance to a new level of comfort

ibi is a one-wheel electric gait assistant with a novel ergonomic design. ibi is effortlessly operated with only one arm.  Our product enables a safe and comfortable navigation in the indoors facilities and through the urban jungles.

The vision sensors collect information from the surrounding environment and transmit it to the processor making the unicycle to automatically pass the obstacles. 

The user indicates the desired direction through the movement of a joystick. Both the height of the stem and length of the handlebars could be adjusted. ibi gait assistant comes with a remote control band, that makes the gait assistant drive to the user.

ibi is a novel urban walking aid that is always there for you!

ibi stands for:

Smart navigation and responsiveness

Stability & Independence

Ergonomic design

Our unicycle is operated

via joystick on the handlebar or in remote. It detects and minds the obstacles on its way.

ibi walker

Smart Handle

Easy navigation via handle with touch sensors in the centre area, the handle could be rotated and it’s length is adjustable.

ibi walker


*super slim appearance to make the navigating comfortable

*detachable battery

*hook for the luggage; 

*front light;


Technical Parameters

1. Max Speed: 7 Km/h 

2. Range per charge: 20-25Km 

3. Max load: 120Kg   

4. Charging time: 1-1.5hour   

5. Unit height: the range is adjustable from 90 to 100 cm from the deck 

6. Tire size: 40 cm

7. Unit weight: ca. 10 Kg

8. Battery: 132Watt Hour imported lithium battery, 2200mah  

9. Motor: 500W  

10. Voltage: 60V  

11. Body color: Silver

12. Material: high strength ABS plus PC                           

13. Lights: 5W LEDs

Look at ibi!

The aim of our solution is not to replace the existing dishwasher but to use it better and more efficient. The key element is the smart trolley which contains baskets with fresh cups. Therefrom you can retrieve your cup to get a coffee. Afterwards the cups are collected in a basket of the same type which is put into the existing dishwasher when it is full. The usually annoying action of emptying the dishwasher is rapidly speed up in our solution like shown in the video.

Restore the Joy of Walking!

Let Ibi be your safe companion to the independence and gait stability in the urban jungles.

The team

Jonathan Oschiedt

Sports Science

Sri Vijay Vidyadhar

Electrical Engineering

Tatiana Dzhambinova

Business & Informatics

Murtaza Raza


Lysander Homm

Business & Engineering

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ibi walker
ibi walker