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Our Mission

Have you ever been bothered by your sleeping bag? Just think of the nights where you’ve been freezing or sweating like hell. Stuck zippers and missing pillows are for sure things that were bothering you in the past. We from BergHai think there must be a solution for all of those problems. So we developed a smart sleeping bag, which adapts to your desires, providing you the perfect heat-management and many other cool features.


What you will get

BergHai brings you the smart shark skin pores which open and close to provide ventilation inside the bag. The cooling mechanism and phase change material inside of the bag enable usage for all seasons. Stretchable fibers will fit to your body shape.

Adaptive heat management

High-tech phase change material provides you with heat when you need it most

Magic zipper

Magnetic closure lets you forget problems with stuck zippers

Learning from your sleeping habits

Provide feedback with the built-in control panel and create your tailor made sleeping bag within 3 days

Inflatable pillow

Easily inflatable pillow attached to the head position

Our Tech

Temperature Sensor

Reads the inside temperature of your sleeping bag and the temperature of the phase change material.

Phase Change Material

Substance with a high heat of fusion which, melting and solidifying at a certain temperature, is capable of storing and releasing large amounts of energy.

Control Unit

Records the feedback from user and trains your sleeping bag to fit your personal needs.

Shape Change Material

Reversibly change their shape in response to electric field.

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