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GreenMachine no more paper cups

The Problem

2,8 billion
paper cups/year

320 000
cups go to waste each hour

70% of all Germans use coffee2go paper cups

Recycling is not an alternative. The paper cups are coated with plastic on the inside and therefore not recyclable. Compostable cups are also no solution, as practically all of the coffee-to-go cups end up in public waste bins (or next to them) and are then incinerated as residual waste.

The Munich waste management

GreenMachine offers a complete system for reusable cups Use it with

to go on your way to work

Corporate in your office

The System A refund system and reusable cups

Get a cup from a GreenMachine

The user is charged a small amount of money

Get some coffee

Time to relax

Return your cup at a GreenMachine

The user gets a refund for his cup

Saving waste and making an impact can be so easy! With GreenMachine, every company can take part in making our environment cleaner and show that they care.

GreenMachine is everything you need to make the coffee to-go consumtion in your company more sustainable and waste conscious.
It relies on a refund system to ensure the used cups are returned and can be cleaned for fruther use. This ensures a sustainable, eco-friendly and waste decreasing cycle.


RECUPS are recommended

  • You can return your RECUP not only at The Green Machine in your company, but also at every other partner in Germany
  • The RECUPS are convenient to handle and provide a nice and safe coffee experience (BPA free, of course!)
  • For easy, hygienic and eco-friendly cleaning RECUPS can be put in the dishwasher

Another partner is the student organization Enactus Munich e.V. They will establish more partnerships to spread the use of reusable coffee to-go cups. Moreover they will implement, that The Green Machine is produced  and maintained by otherwise jobless persons, which is another important part.

The Team

We are four interdisciplinary master’s students from the TU Munich, that are eager to tackle the challenges of our time through innovation. 

Management and Technology


Management and Technology
Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence


Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence
Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering
Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence


Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence


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MY friendly ai product