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Except from having good pictures, research shows that success in online dating mainly depends on two factors

Invested time to find potential partner

Getting the conversation started

However, today’s online dating does not pay attention to this.

“I expected online dating to be more time efficient – I was wrong. It became very time consuming for me. “

Michael, 26


“I wonder when guys will understand that ‘Hi, what’s up’ is not how to start a conversation.”

Michelle, 24

“The time effort I have to invest to check on the profiles and come up with sentences to start the conversation is just not what I expected in online dating.”

Max, 34


Our service for you includes two major parts that build up on the latest deep learning technology.


Learning your preferences for a potential partner and finding people you are attracted to.

Analyzing the profile of the preferred person and recommending you unique sentences to start the conversation.



Our service integrates in existing dating platforms. With this, we are offering you an encompassing dating experience. You can access our service on Windows 10, Mac OS and Linux.

#Example: Tinder



Learning your preferences for a potential partner by a swiping ~ 90 profiles


According to your preferences, you can decide on how long Lovai will dislike or like profiles for you.


Through profile analysis we are suggesting you a unique sentence to get the conversation started.


After successfully starting the conversation, you can proceed to get to know your match.


“You guys rock, I did not expect that this works.”

Luis, 24


“Since installing lovai I felt more confident writing the first message to my potential partners.”

Lisa, 29

“With being a consultant my time schedule always was tight. Lovai solved my problem.”

Lee, 32

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