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Better Content based on better Feedback


Grow your fanbase by connecting to people’s emotions

Discover your power moments and find out what resonates with viewers


300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute at Youtube

1bn hours of watching time per day

400,000 Youtube channels with >10,000 subscribers


Unemotional content is harmful for a good creator-fan relationship


We capture real emotions of real people using real-time facial analytics.

 Resulting in a comprehensive report on how the  content is perceived by the audience. 

As we have analyzed a huge amount of data already we can give detailed advice on how to improve even further and make fans even happier.


Here is how we lift your content creation to a new level together.

Use our service for existing videos to learn from the past or use it already pre-release to make sure to deliver perfect content once you publish it.


Share your content

Create and upload your video to the platfrom of your choice and share the link with us.


Eigther pick a test-audience yourself – or you ask us to find the right testers – you decide

Use the insights

Use the deep insights you get from us to make the best out of your content


Here is how we lift your advertising to a new level together


Performance prediction and evaluation of your advertising

We capture real emotions of real people and therefore can help you to optimize how it will be perceived.

Influencer Marketing

Make sure you work together with a person which shares the same values as you. With us you can help to keep content quality high.


Our team is a interdisciplinary combination of  students from leading international universities.


Konstantin Boob

Management & Technology


Ishmeet Kaur



Oushesh Haradhun

Robotics, Cognition & Intelligence


Mehnoor Fatima

Data Engineering & Analytics


Chaitanya Aggarwal



Robert Reuff

Management & Technology

Still Doubting?