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AnchoraSpy is an accurate anchor guard for your boat. 

It records movement directly at the anchor and informs you via app if the anchor 

has been detached from the ground and if your boat is about to change its position. 


Have you ever missed an alarm or received a false alarm

while using one of the gps based apps on the market?

While anchoring nearby a bay, it can easily happen that the anchor breaks loose,
e.g. due to an initially wrong position or strong winds from another direction. 

This leads to high risks for boat and crew – especially at night!

Current gps based app solutions can´t handle the always changing position of the boat and are very imprecise. 

And you don´t want to spend the whole night awake and take care of your boat, right?

We offer an accurate and 

reliable anchor alarm you can trust in.


Indication of  the current orientation of the anchor.


Reliable alert only in case of an actually moving anchor.

Also possible without the anchoraSpy app via bord computer interface!


anchoraSpy App

Stay safe at sea

Activate AnchoraSpy via App and feel safe.
Check the position of your anchor to make sure
that it is oriented in a correct way. 


Testing our first prototype

at Chiemsee

The other day we went to the Chiemsee to test our first prototype. We´ve collected a lot of data and got great results in registered warnings while the anchor was moving. Check it out on Facebook and Instagram! 


Our journey has just begun.

Be a part of it!

Send us an email:

visit us at


Instagram: anchorasolutions