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DemoDay 15/09/2020

Join the teams for their product pitches!

TMS #11  


50 Students | All Disciplines | 10 Days | 10 Prototypes

Interdisciplinary Learning.
Think.Make.Start. (TMS) is a two-week interdisciplinary course at Technical University of Munich (TUM), which enables students from all study programs to think and act like Innovators.

Hands-On Innovation.
TMS is focused at innovation, namely the development of new products and services and their successful launch in the market.
During our events, 50 selected students from all disciplines need to identify, analyze and validate current needs and problems from social, technological and economic systems in interdisciplinary teams.

Design Thinking.
Solution ideas are then generated and iteratively improved by building prototypes and interacting with potential customers and users. TMS has a focus on products/services, involving hardware equipment, sensors, devices, enhanced by software, connectivity and data. In addition, suitable market hypotheses and business models are developed and tested.

Students get free access to prototyping facilities, money to purchase components and support from Product and Business Development professionals.

Demo Day.
At the end of two intense weeks, the teams present their solutions on a public Demo Day to their peers, friends, family but also to invited guests and experts from industry and academia.

Your Benefits

  • Learn how to think and act like an Innovator
  • Work in interdisciplinary teams
  • Become experienced in prototyping, agile development, design thinking and lean start-up
  • Find your startup co-founders and build your first product or service
  • Get up to 6 ECTS-credits

About Us

THINK. MAKE. START. is a two week course hosted by TUM’s Lab for Product Development and Lightweight Design, designed to foster innovation giving students the chance to work on real world problems, exploring the potential of new technologies or challenges by developing new solutions.

Our goal is to promote innovation and facilitate the creation of new spin-outs at TUM.


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