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Our Programme A unique combination of top academic learning and real-life experience

THINK. MAKE. START. is a 2-week lab course running at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) twice a year in both Spring and Fall semesters which is hosted together with our Partner UnternehmerTUM GmbH. It is a project-based course, which translates to an academic load of 180 hours.

For each project, a team consists of 4-5 master students with optimal skill. Teams are formed within the first days of the course. Teams typically contain Business Design & Marketing, Software-, a Hardware Developer and a Problem Expert. Each Team gets a Mentor which guides them and helps during the journey.

With the support of specialists, experienced entrepreneurs, lectures on the best methodologies to assess technologies, validate markets, prototype… the teams create a minimum viable product and lay the foundation to start a business. Teams that want to continue their projects can do so in the Startup Ecosystem of Munich. Together with UnternehmerTUM the teams get access to prototyping grants, incubators and financing.

About Zeidler The mint maker scholarship programme for TMS participants

Every year the Zeidler MINT Maker Scholarship Programme all TMS participants to access the high-tech workshop UnternehmerTUM MakerSpace. Using industrial machinery and tools and the latest software, the scholarship holders work on their own projects and products. In this way the students themselves become design-aware and creative and discover their own abilities and interests. 

More information about the Zeidler MINT Maker Scholarship Programme:

Approach A short overview of the course



You will get together in interdisciplinary teams, identify problems, try to validate your hypothesis and develop first solutions. Experts from industry and science support you with the necessary knowledge. In short input sessions you will learn agile approaches and methodological basics for the successful development of mechatronic products before they are applied in a team to the current phase of the development process.


The focus of the course is the iterative realization of ideas in the form of various prototypes. The iterative prototype approach is supported by broad expertise with numerous technologies and the mechatronic development approach TAF Agile Framework. You will also have access to fully equipped workshops (Main campus: Technical Centre + Digital Design Lab, Garching: MakerSpace + [x] Bio.Kitchen).


You will learn basic aspects of business design to develop and present a suitable business concept for the product idea. On the last day, the Demo Day, all teams present their projects with a business pitch to a jury and present the prototypically implemented product ideas to guests from industry, the start-up scene and university.  Three teams will be awarded either the best idea, prototype, or business potential. 



Surround yourself with TUM‘s best makers, designers, hackers and innovators from all faculties and work in interdisciplinary teams.

Become experienced in hard- and software prototyping, agile ways of working, design thinking and lean start-up by attending workshops, mentoring, and expert consultations.

Find your startup co-founders and build your first product or service based on your own ideas.

Get free access to an extensive tech-library with sensors, microcontrollers, actuators, AR/VR glasses, drones, and latest TU research technologies, e.g. Roboy, eDVS cameras.

Get free access to state-of-the-art prototyping facilities.

Acknowledgement With up to 6 ECTS depending the faculty


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Sustainable Building

Computer Science

Electrical Engineering

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Upcoming Next batches of THINK. MAKE. START.

Fall '20 Classic #11 - 02 SEP – 15 SEP 2019

Location will be TUM’s Entrepreneurship Research Institute (ERI).

13 JUL 2020  – Application Deadline

28 AUG 2020 –PreEvent*

02-15 SEP 2020 – Main Event*

15 SEP 2020 –  Demo Day*

24 SEP 2020 – PostEvent*

*Dates are mandatory.          All Dates are preliminary except for the Application Period.


Impressions A journey of innovative and hard working 10 days

Gallery Impressions of Fall '18 Semester




About Us

THINK. MAKE. START. is a two week course hosted by TUM’s Lab for Product Development and Lightweight Design, designed to foster innovation giving students the chance to work on real world problems, exploring the potential of new technologies or challenges by developing new solutions.

Our goal is to promote innovation and facilitate the creation of new spin-outs at TUM.






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