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We make independent drinking possible. 

Drink whenever & wherever you want. No matter your ability. 




Current Situation

Tetraplegic Paralysis, Infantil Cerebral Palsy, ALS, MS, Stroke, are all diseases that might lead to the problem of not being able to independently satisfy the basic need of thirst. Because of the loss of functionality in arms and legs, they face problems of gripping and coordinating movements which are necessary to be able to drink by themselves.  

“I want to be able to drink whenever, wherever I am, independently” – Anna, 28

Our solution

Our solution provides people with limited functionality in arms and legs to be able to satisfy their thirst with one click. Most of our users own a tablet or smartphone which they can control via individualized methods, like eye control, neck movements, head positions and other haptic feedbacks. 




We behind Drinde

We all share the passion for making a difference for disabled people. Our opinion is that everyone deserves to be treated as a human and should be capable of fulfilling his basic needs independently.

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