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Eclipse Mask smart air pollution purifying system

The Problem Some hard cold truths.

Only 1% of the China’s 560 million city dwellers breath air considered safe by the European Union.

China’s air pollution is estimated to contribute to 1.6 million deaths annually.

Masks to protect against China’s smog not always effective, with leakages as high as 68% observed in tests.

Air pollution exposure is a universal burden that affects us all, and somehow we are the ones obligated to find ways to reduce our exposure with these insufficient tools.

Richard Peltier, University of Massachusetts Amherst


the eclipse mask

The Product High quality personalized filtering device. Wearable technology.

Changeable Filters

sustainable design

Tailored Ergonomic Fit

minimized leakages, maximum comfort

Built-in Air Pollution Monitor

realtime measurements

Dedicated App to Support You Daily

integrated data exchange network

Real time monitoring

connectivity with mobile application 

Integrated air quality database

localization with integrated air pollution map


Alert system

user notifications regarding air quality updates

Shared network

Exchange data to generate integrated network


Technical details of solace wearable air purifying solutions:

  • Changeable HEPA filters, an industry standard which requires that 99.97% of particles of 0.3 mico meters or greater must be removed.
  • Modular silicone fitting ensures that leakages are kept below 2% throughout various activities.
  • Air particle filters detect particles classified as PM2,5 and PM10, which are monitored and tracked in real time. 
  • External air quality data is provided by our technical partner Hawadawa.

The Team

Design Lead

David Drust

Design Lead
Electronics Lead

Nicky Rostan

Electronics Lead
Implementation Lead

Jan Faust

Implementation Lead
Business Lead

Thomas Li

Business Lead