Revolutionizing Laboratory Work

Did you ever have to cross the entire lab to perform a quick sterile experiment, or had to wait in line because the one laminar flow cabinet was already in use? Did you ever wish to just work on your experiments from your workplace whenever you want?

Then we have the solution for you: MobilSteril. A mobile system allowing you to work sterile anywhere you want. Just roll the system next to your preferred working area, adjust the robotic arm accordingly and put the outlet to the back of your working area. Done. You can start working.


#01 : mobile

Perform your experiments anywhere you want.

You only need a free working space area.

Lightweight materials allow for fast and easy movement.



#02: non-flammable

We only work with airflows and filters.

No more need for Bunsen burners, and therefore no more risks of burning.

High-quality filter ensure sterile air while lamellar structures inside the hood create a laminar flow. 


#03: sterile

Our filter ensures sterile air without any particles. 

Due to our newly designed airflow system, neither will particles from the sample reach the laboratory environment, nor will particles from non-sterile air reach the sample.

#04: smart features

Our system offers additional features to improve laboratory work. With these your work will be safer and more efficient.

These features include:

  • voice-controlled commands
  • display with possible recording of your experiments
  • visual assistance to indicate the sterile working area




  • “The mobile laminar flow cabinet MobilSteril is a game changer. As a laboratory operator I would have to sacrifice two working places for one standard laminar flow hood in my small lab. Now it’s not much bigger as a waste bin and fits everywhere.

    This is a dream come true. I can finally work in a sterile environment everywhere I want and don’t have to walk to the neighbouring lab ten times a day.”

    Jérôme Lutz
  • “I can see myself using MobilSteril. Doing quick sterile experiments at my workplace instead of in a big cabin at the other side of the lab would be definitely more efficient.”

  • “This is an awesome invention and could replace the laminar flow cabinets especially in newer laboratories.”


So your are interested in the product or want to get in touch? Then:

or write us at info@mobilsteril.de

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Our Team

Our team consists of diverse and motivated people, eager to improve the laboratory industry.

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Robotics, Cogn., Intel.

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