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Empowering people to navigate safely through cities

We are devoted to the cause

We help to reclaim urban spaces

We fight for personal safety


Where ever you want to go – Hera shows you safest routes to reach your destination based on our safety-conscious artificial intelligence


The criteria on which the safe routes are calculated can be individually adjusted at one’s own discretion – you decide what matters


Our high security standards guarantee great trustworthiness – besides your’s and other users ratings strengthen the overall reliability

How does it work?

We find the safest way for you

It does not matter if you are travelling on your own to a foreign country or just walking through unknown areas of your city at night – follow HERA and we will provide you with the safest route.

Quick Entry

Just enter your your starting point and the desired destination – the rest will be taken care of by HERA

Safe Route Suggestion

You can choose between optional safe routes depending on your own assessment of safety and speed


Define your own safety criteria

The calculation of the different routes that are suggested to you are based on profound data sources and reliable personal insights. However you decide which of them are included for your purpose.

Security-relevant Data

Options include street enlightenment, density of people, proximity to the center or police stations

Individual Insights

The personal feeling of people that took a certain route flows into the succeeding assessments 

Rate your route

The feeling of safety lives from individual perception and sensitivity. This leads to a better understanding of our environment and ultimately to even more customized routes through unknown areas.

Personal Rating

Based on your personal perception you can evaluate the experience after arriving safely

Helping Others

Each individual insight contributes to an improved perspective on the world we are traveling 


Team Members

We’re an interdisciplinary team of different cultures and backgrounds that aims to make women’s lives safer


Sonali Kamble


Adrian Loher

Mechanical Engineering

Arthur Preuss

Mechanical Engineering

Conrad Steinmetz


Lukas Huber


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