Hate watching your water boiling?
We got you!

offers 3 automated steps:

– Your water boils and the strainer lowers down

– After the timer is finished, the strainer will be raised

– You get a notification and love your meal

Saving time

Saving time

People using Basta save 40 Minutes a week, 35 Hours a year! You don’t have to stand in the kitchen all the time – having more time with their families or spending their time how they want.

Applicable for different meals

Applicable for different meals

Pasta, Rice, Potatoes, Lentils or Vegetables…..

Everything you were used to watch before, is now supervised by Basta. Use it for leaving the room while cooking or to focus on less pots while cooking.



  • Scale for right portion sizes
  • No overcooking due to the up/down mechanism
  • Thanks to the WiFi integration, you will get notifications on you phone
  • Temperature sensor 
  • portable device, working with nearly every pot and easy to clean

Five Chefs responsible for all ingredients

Best Team ever

Simon Speth


Marvin Alles


Matthias Swoboda

Management & Technology

Tilak Bharadwaj

Power Engineering

Felix Hagleitner

Management & Technology