Cadeira – The Chair for the Digital Age

The self adjusting chair that fits you like a glove

We are aiming to revolutionize ergonomics in the office space. We are sick of dealing with office chair setup every time we switch seats, fiddling with levers and buttons and in the end, still not quite getting the correct setting right.

Can you relate?

Then try the new Cadeira Office Chair, the first office chair that automatically adjusts the seat and the backrest according to your body measures, ensuring a healthy posture. The most important features at one glance:

  • Just a few inputs on the companion app will transform your Cadeira Office Chair to fit your height, and leg length.
  • The chair will fit your body perfectly, supporting your posture in an optimal way.
  • We care about the health of our backs, this is why we carefully configured our database to select the correct setting for every body type.
  • Once set up, you can use the setting on every Cadeira chair. You will never have to adjust a Cadeira Office Chair twice!
  • Use the Cadeira chair and never get distracted by nasty back pain in the middle of your work again!

Do you want to see what the fuzz is all about? Please visit our booth at the THINK.MAKE.START Demo Day on 17.04.2019 at the TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute!