From idea to prototype in 14 days!

Do you want to hack state-of-the-art technology and create awesome new products? The interdisciplinary lab course THINK. MAKE. START., a collaboration between four chairs at TU Munich (MW,EI,IN,WW) and Unternehmertum [x] offers the environment, support and the people to realize this.

Together with other master students, you develop and build innovative products in just 14 days. You collaborate in interdisciplinary teams consisting of master students from computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, business and other faculties. Experts from industry and research will provide you with the necessary knowledge of methods as well as technology and will support you in developing a business concept.

To build the prototypes we will guide you with the help of the mechatronics development framework TAF Agile Framework and you get access to the 1,500 sqm high-tech workshop MakerSpace. On the last day, the demo day, all teams will present their projects in front of a jury and pitch the concepts to guests from industry, other start-ups and university.

How you will benefit

  • Interdisciplinary teamwork
  • High-tech gadgets, e.g. Oculus Rift, AR Drones, leap motion, and latest TU research technologies, e.g. Roboy, eDVS cameras
  • Workshops, mentoring, and expert consultations
  • Free access to the new 1,500 sqm prototyping workshop MakerSpace
  • Up to 6 ECTS 
    • Computer Science: Überfachliche Grundlagen
    • Electrical Engineering: Außerfachliche Ergänzung
    • Mechanical Engineering: Hochschulpraktikum
    • School of Management: Wahlfach/Teil des Moduls Global Entrepreneurship

Dates TMS#7

Course: Wednesday, 14 Mar to Tuesday, 27 Mar 2018, 9 am–6 pm, daily
Start of application period: open
Application deadline: 4 February 2018
PreEvent (mandatory): 7 Mar 2018, 9:30 am–8 pm

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“The best lecture you can choose at TUM. The combination of profound university knowledge, entrepreneurship, and immediate access to a huge high-tech workshop enables manifold possibilities. I encourage every student to participate in this lab course.”

Martin Aichriedler, Team Sign 2 Speech

Success Stories

Richard Haymerle, Hagen Schmidtchen, Britta Waldbauer, Lucas Weidner, Sarah Zahran-Aufseß of Open up!

Key sharing is often needed but only possible with a lot of effort. Especially in cases when you want to share the access to your apartment with other people, a key sharing device is needed. The start-up delivers a box where keys can be put in and which can be opened and closed via app. The box-owner is able to give different people individual access to the box as well as to remove their access ability.

The 14 days were very intensive, but we have made considerable progress. There were always many experts around who supported us and helped us move forward – as student one isn’t accustomed to that much support.”

Nico Bentenrieder, Johannes Gloßner, Marlene Ott, Michael Simet, Lucas Spreiter of Solemove

Tumbling and falling is a common problem among the elderly. Many affected persons are even scared of going out alone. The start-up’s mission is to provide these people with a constant feeling of safety again. Their smart inlay sole detects human falling and thereupon sends an emergency alert to arrange for immediate help. The device is invisible, can be put into any shoe and offers maximum convenience thanks to an integrated wireless charging system.

 Our team members found each other 2015 during THINK.MAKE.START. and since then we keep on spending our spare time to let our device become reality.


Felix Harteneck, Jakob Sturm, Clemens Techmer von ParkHere

Parking traffic makes up 30 to 40 percent of the overall traffic in inner-cities, pollutes the air and increases noise load. Based on the latest research ParkHere offers innovative hardware solutions for smart parking. The start-up devoloped the world’s first self-powering sensor system for smart parking solutions. Their sensor-based real-time data about free parking places does not only save the urban environment, but also the nerves of car drivers and inhabitants.

 THINK.MAKE.START. has taken us from the idea to the first prototype. Because we had so much fun we just continued with the make-a-thon for nine months. At present, we have a solid financing, over ten student employees, numerous renowned pilot clients and won several awards.


David Austing, Stephan Förtsch, Raphael Haase of HEAVN

Research shows that due to false lighting inside enclosed spaces many people cannot reach their fullest potential. People are at their most productive when they get enough sunlight. The start-up HEAVN imitates the spectrum of sunlight dynamically in the course of the day. It offers the first full spectrum desk lamp that brings daylight into offices. The lamp is specifically tailored to productivity increase and health as well as to the demands of a modern office environment.

 In the course of THINK.MAKE.START. we had the opportunity to realize our idea through to a first prototype within a very short period of time. This was a very important step in our product development and helped us not only with our application for the EXIST grant.

About The Zeidler Mint Maker Scholarship Programme

Every year the Zeidler MINT Maker Scholarship Programme enables 300 selected students of the Technical University of Munich to access the high-tech workshop UnternehmerTUM MakerSpace . In practical and project-based modules of selected teaching programmes and on freely-based projects the students can apply and deepen their academic knowledge. Using industrial machinery and tools and the latest software, the scholarship holders work on their own projects and products. In this way the students themselves become design-aware and creative and discover their own abilities and interests. 

More information about the Zeidler MINT Maker Scholarship Programme: